Terratec Producer Phase 28

Phase 28, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Terratec Producer.

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Michael2Nice 01/18/2005

Terratec Producer Phase 28 : Michael2Nice's user review


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The specifications for the price m have intrss. I m is composed for my characters. j using cubase, reason and SoundForge t racks. my config: p4 2.8c Asus P4P800 Deluxe, video radeon 9600 pro, and 2048 ram. No I have no table ...


At TerraTec, we look tjs The definition of the word "update" in the dictionary. then c comptaiblit level is not great, for example, with consumer software such as WinDVD intervido, or Half Life 2. ok good, for her it s not care. but we must take into account the fact that the pc does not serve to make unikment son.le manual is blah, and I haven t done the installation, I've bought with the rest of the components then I am the Mountain .


Then I do not know .. is it I who am no one, or there is bad air in my home? the control pannel is very "rebel" he never asks what I do, it is necessary that I insisted that it heavily to do what I ask. So a bad thing. Then, she likes n not prsence of another card, for various reasons j I install the drivers for the sound card and P4P800 intgre ds the switch between the two depending on use. No it was not love at all!
in terms of sound, a sound cold, very cold. we sense the German product.


I lai depusi over a year. the price is good, but hey, it was worth our money. if the choice had to be rebuilt, I will save more to buy a RME or M Audio.