Lâg 4S300B
Lâg 4S300B

4S300B, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Lâg in the 4 Seasons Autumn series.

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ernauld 07/06/2006

Lâg 4S300B : ernauld's user review


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Made in France. Thereby reduce costs (no imports)

Electro-acoustic powered by plaice.

There is an equalizer in the guitar as a setting of "presence".

It lacks an integrated accodeur.


Very enjoyable to play, unless my Les Paul all the same (but my neck is not adjusted).
Very light compared to other acoustic.
I think adding a ATACHE for the strap at the checkout that the strap that goes to the head of the handle very little for me ... it's not very comfortable and it tends to wander too.
For access to acute there is a cutaway, but it's still less than with an electric aissa.

jumbo baby is in what is a guitar that is shaped like a jumbo but smaller. The sound has nothing to do.


This guitar has a very good sound.

There are several version of varnished and it changes the sound! I have the same as in the picture (painted matte) and the sound is crystal-clear and natural. I have a friend who has a shiny patent, the sound is more folk, it loses some of the natural.

Personally when I buy a guitar I could buy more expensive but more by what I apreciated the sound of this guitar than the Takamine for example.


It's been almost three years and I am very happy. I still had a problem with, but not much ATACHE the mic cable to the interior is off to that produced crackling at certain frequencies. Is repaired and I hope it will. Another problem is that the guy I was Reigle was a little too curved handle that makes it to be supported as an ox not to as it sizzles! This was not the ca Squire that of my friend who is properly adjusted.
I think I will keep all of my life (I am faithful I)
Few have to buy a different guitar but will be in addition to having a different sound, more folk.
For the first Seri acoustics of the brand is very successful!