Melody Guitars Mod 500
Melody Guitars Mod 500

Mod 500, Jumbo Steel String Guitar from Melody Guitars.

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joanbettylee 03/02/2014

Melody Guitars Mod 500 : joanbettylee's user review

«  Try it and love it! »

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Dreadnought model made in the 1970s in Italy in the Eko factories. We find the characteristics of the famous "eko ranger": back arched, freight "0" bolt-on neck bolt-on neck and ultra-durability of the instrument!

The handle is "C" and as mahogany sides and back. Has 22 flat and wide frets. The table is made of spruce, apparently (but not certainty ...). Rosewood fingerboard.

The head is configured as the classic giving it the personality of her own guitars! Bridge-shaped "smile" rosewood. The bridge saddle meanwhile is plastic and a system of screws at each end to adjust the string action.


The handle is outstanding! Perfect grip, the varnish is very nice, not to mention the perfect string action which are set to 3 mm at the beginning of round 4 and the end ...
This is a guitar that projects a very good sound, great bass and lots of character! It lacks a medium supplement for better balance.


This guitar is perfect for bluesy sounds and raw folk-rock, a little less for the jazz or pop tart (though?). I am a follower of his Danelectro and I confess that I find this a little spirit in this guitar. She is super lovable and instinctive. She takes the bread all the time and yet it does not mark it is crazy! I dropped from a height of 40 centimeters there two days on floors and nothing has dropped, the splice cashed impact and not a single trace in the end. I like the look too, crossing classical guitar (by the head), his easel and warmth of its color gives it a mouth of hell and incomparable mojo! I bought it used a friend who was in need for some sort in his guitar collection: I do not regret!


It's been a month that I have and I think some changes in the coming months to improve the sound quality of the instrument, replace the bridge saddle with bone and Anchors rope with pins ebony. I am tempted to also install a magnetic pickup to be able to plug in electro-acoustics.

There a few years ago I wanted to invest in a "Takamine" Jumbo but I found the sound a bit too powerful for the accompaniment. Melody is perfect for me because I think it represents a good compromise between folk and jumbo (in terms of ergonomics it is also much more comfortable than the latter type of guitar) ... This is an opportunity that is the cost for the series "mod" from Melody guitar are super affordable (an average price between 80 and 150 euros around that I could see). There is no photo, I never found an instrument as beautiful new bill in this price range! Beautiful over 40 rods and varnish did not move a muscle (not a scratch, almost no CSWS, an easel and a handle that does not move and vintage mechanical quality that do not compel me retuning the instrument every 10 minutes ...)

I am the third owner of this instrument and for sure it will survive me:-D