Norman B20 MJ
Norman B20 MJ
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CR11Madone 10/19/2011

Norman B20 MJ : CR11Madone's user review

«  As JP Coffe say: "Go ahead kids, go y!!" ^ ^ »

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Guitar made in Canada hand in the village of La Patrie, I do not doubt this statement knowing that the brand is part of Norman Godin (it already gives an idea of ​​the quality of manufacture).
The bridge and the key (21 frets) are Indian Rosewood
The solid spruce top hand-picked
The back and sides laminated birch
Plus: the frets are Graphtech Tusq home
Silver maple neck (amber)
To respond to the notice of Hugh, the option pre-amplified with a Fishman there! For more features go to the website of Norman, everything is there.
I think € 500 for the features are excellent but not perfect as Norman does not tell us things like the dam, and the neck profile from spruce, having said that spruce is the spruce It seems, however, whether the EU.


Level playing comfort I is very good because the only problem for me is the radius of the handle (16 "and would have preferred a radius of 12") but it does not matter, it's about usual.
Jumbo shape of the body does not bother me at all is large enough, the binding bothered me in the ribs but the problem is resolved, I tended to shake the guitar hard, coming from the electric, I don ' not realize with rounded edges.
Otherwise, it is very comfortable, no problem for the left hand or right, the handle end and pretty satin can get the notes at breakneck speed.
Of course, access to acute is not present, this guitar is not made for that anyway, you can still have fun until the 15th box.
For sound, the guitar sounds the slightest gust of plectrum is characteristic of spruce euro notes are really easy to get out.


So now I can not put anything other than 10/10 because that's exactly what I wanted. I wanted a guitar with the same character as the Gibson J-180 and I've found for for 4 times cheaper.
The sound has a projection and a non-standard brightness (cherry is for something), clarity and bass are just a Jumbo and there and the sound is perfectly balanced, all the notes sound, the definition is great !
Playing the picking and strumming mainly the guitar is perfect, I think the fingers pickers will also find their account because the sound is very soft to the fingers, it's a very profound killing!
The sound is really special, I must wait the aging of the table but I have no doubt about it in 2 years it will be exceptional.
By the way, the Mini-Mini Jumbo nothing, of course the body is a bit less fat than a J-200 or J-180 yet all the notes out thoroughly.
Like Hugh said, blindly I bet this guitar was worth € 1000!


I use it for a few weeks so I still much to hear this guitar for playing already but all I was going through his head, a great guitar! I tried 7 or 8 other guitar, Tennessee, Taylor of low-end Yamahas of which LJ6, I hesitated with it but to try again, the Norman sounded better defined than the Yamaha with a more " pass "and then aesthetically Yamaha was too binding and pearl decoration for me, I prefer the plain with a good sound, the look that hides misery (Yam was not the misery of course). And then Norman was cheaper and more Canadian-made).
Level of quality / price ratio is incredible, we must see and try it to believe it. If it again, I would buy it without a problem.
For me, Norman was able to make a simple guitar aesthetically (cream binding on body, simple rosette, tortoiseshell pickguard one, semi satin varnish) to focus on the sound with a violin and a perfect finish and as you say it successful, I will never change it for another guitar!
I am forced to see that approach really perfectly with this guitar