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Taylor 612C : Anonymous 's user review


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I acquired this wonderful guitar 14, 2004 AOT.

Taken care of in n SERIES Instrument (N 950 907 110), the site of Taylor to suggest that this guitar has produced t 7 September 1995 and it is the 10 my guitar out of the workshop EL CAJON date l. ..

In addition, it is one of the guitars that have benefitted from the technology Schager UV set up in February 1995.

The table is sitka spruce. Back and Saddle wicker covers are flame beauty.

The patent is trs end, giving the guitar a beautiful aspect honey.

The mcanique are sr "oil bath" and the 612C has, as its congnres, Taylor barage of scalloped, finely sanded.

The neck is mahogany, the fingerboard and the bridge in bne also shine with the beauty of wood. Mother of pearl inlays relvent dlicatement this set of classy trs. Look plutt! (Http://

The stringed instrument of my Submitted no impact, even no trace of microscopic scratches on the back of the instrument, suggests that either the Owner 'did not play, it is silent extr extremely mticuleux!


Ds the handling, comfort of the handle stupfie game. The ctes of it has to be chosen from a "main heel" universal as it is enjoyable. Perfect can we even say, trs end, almost like electric, but an investment for IDAL hand regardless of the style considered. Freights as trs well finished, very flat, it's a real rgal, especially as the heel and favor dcoupe Access in treble.

The size of his body Grand Concert size, offers a comfort and a perfect grip of the instrument. We do not resent in the ESG and playing Tonnam for its size, although it plans trs.

I ride D'Addario EJ16 strings on it. They sound IMMEDIATE trs "natural" without highlighting and without NCESS to working hours for "doing". They are free of coloration mtallique and allow me to make the most of violin dnaturer without the warmth of the instrument.


Playing the first arpges have been hit by a fresh sound gnrale trs, marks a great balance between the frequencies. Serious trs sweet, too, do not drool absolutely, perfectly Defines the mdiums, trs harmonically rich and sweeping the intgralit spectrum that is expected. Ms. combat TB treble but not at all aggressive Submitted and shiny.

This guitar is perfectly correct, it means that the twisted little agreement plated the 9th box does not ring true, a miracle. You feel comfortable in all registers, finger-picking, solo, flat-picking, rhythmic mdiator, bends, blues, arpges, etc ... Rpond guitar with precision and without IMMEDIATE approximation. A must!


It may well be reasonable to ask if sr should not be crazy to dpenser so much money on an acoustic guitar. For my part, I think a high end guitar is much cheaper than a piano and seen through time we will go with the fun and you get out, the investment is justified and pays for itself fully.

The violin, the sound cathdralesque, the quality of the species and its sound quality LGIT's professional rate ...

His only default: She spins the bell every time I put it back in its box custom :-( but fills me with happiness when I reopen the tui and apparatre see before my eyes, pr you to be petted ...

In conclusion, it's just acoustic guitar in my life ... There is not a day when I do not play a real love story that does not duly!