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sukamara8 11/25/2013

Casio PT-80 : sukamara8's user review

« A superior Casio PT toy keyboard that can be usable due to the cheesy analogue sound »

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mini sized keys, 2,5 octaves

a toy keyboard actually... they dont make them like this any more!

8 tones typical of the PT series, sounds awesome with a use of some external delay or reverb, 12 rhythms that sounds rediculously chip and lo-fi, they are analogue and sure are something very C64 in style and sound. but they're not the bleeps existing in other simpler casio PTs, so it's almost a proper keyboard minus the polyphony in tones. In all rhythms also you got a proper auto-accompaniament and a fill-in.

this is pretty small and neat looking device too!

its also got the legendary RAM card along with lights learning game with leds

a nice curiosity here is there are chord buttons so the chords are played pressing puttons, leaving the keyboard solely for the tones.

this is a retro cult object nowadays - it used to be an awesome kid keyboard. you can make out of it what you want...


simple as all those casios, but the mini keys are a PITA

the chord keys , all 12 of them in all min , maj and 7th is pretty cool

should probably played experimentally

these small keyboards are ideal to modify to keytars, to play standing, as they're extremely light. Still, mid-size ones would be preferable for this purpose..


very pretty , classic PT tones, cheesy rhythms, nice chord keys

its better to get this PT or a similar rather than the simpler ones. its prettier and much more interesting. its got a proper chord section, so you can actually play tunes, unlike with most monophonic Casio PT's

still the mini keys limit the usability

would be great for a kid !