Farfisa G7
Farfisa G7

G7, Keyboard Arranger from Farfisa.

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pitipiero 02/03/2006

Farfisa G7 : pitipiero's user review


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It is a four-octave keyboard arranger, IN OUT THROUGH TV Outputs Headphone PDAL PDAL multifunction switch expression. there are 128 sounds with 5 variations for each one of them. these sounds are arranged in two types and 16 types are changeable and available on site (but which one? I did not ...) there are 64 styles with variations 5 and also organiss in 8 groups.
it has a pitch bend and modulation.
The sequencer has 16 tracks, there is nothing special.


The TRS is not complicated configurarion From the time we connate good English. The manual is complete and in french though a little hard for novices.


I have three years. I very much AIM the possibility to apply two or three sounds each hand but also the possibility to connect the keyboard on the Tv for karaoke. I dcu by the similarity of styles, we quickly made the rounds on the keyboard.
I have not tried many keyboards before but I tried the Z1000, a good keyboard too.
report quality price is right.
I do not change the view to say that this keyboard is good and I do not know if, with the experience, I would have chosen another.