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Tyokkann 04/12/2005

GEM DSK-8 : Tyokkann's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Arranger keyboard 5 octaves, 61 keys + split for non-dynamic accompaniment polysonorits, possibilities of sounds and squenseur edition

10 diffrent sounds to build up your audio master
Four sections to create your master sound: bass, accompaniment, poly (for agreements) and mono (for Młoda)
Number of possible combinations: 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000
65 programs:
- 00 prog = master panel
- PROG 01 09 = auto preset
- October 32 prog = prog fixed
- 33 64 = custom prog prog (mmoriser for your own programs)

14 rhythms accompanying variation + + 1 hand clap rhythms or 42 possible
Function "Rhythm Changes" in order to vary the pace chosen
"Auto Fill": automatic dclenche girls while the rhythm is joubr / function "Hand Clap" dclenche supplmentaire a clap to the rhythm
Function "Start / Stop"
Function "Start Key": You Started pace soon as you touch each note on the keyboard
Function "Custom Rhythm" to change your same rhythms
Button "Intro / Fill In / End"

3 modes of support: fingered, single finger and arranges
Button "Memory": When this feature is active agreements are maintained even if you release your fingers

- On monphonie dtune = 1 + 1 LFO
- To sustain a polyphony = + 1 LFO

Internal 4-track MIDI Squenseur:
- Bass
- Support
- Poly
- Mono

Button rglage the pitch bend on the rear face
Transpose a
Splitage keyboard
Harmony function
Auto preset (CSTA direct programs 01 09)
- Select how to enter the MIDI keyboard
- External clock

Rglage master volume
Rglage volume rate
Rglage Tempo
Rglage volume low
Rglage volume accompanying
Rglage volume mono

2 HP Stros
Sustain a jack plug 6.35
1 Volume Control jack plug 6.35
1 headphone jack 6.35
1 Aux In RCA
2 taken out (left and right) RCA
Power outlet
Dimensions: 118.7 x 26.7 x 7.8, Weight: 6 Kg


Cinfiguration trs simple, even if we look at some beginners.
Edition also sounds simple trs. But nothing special, just a multitude of possible combinations from the original sounds.
When the manual I have ever had in his hands.


The most: pav numrique 0 for 9 and select a more rglage of paramtres faicle and quickly accessible.
A quality sound era still acceptable with sounds trs retros.
Ideal for beginners, or train for fun.
This keyboard can also be used as a keyboard 61 keys matre thanks its 2 MIDI (IN and OUT).
The HP is not great quality (far l but it has 2 audio output (left and right) RCA-type who once connected to an amp the sound is rather good trs.
Original: this keyboard is contrary ment trs long as others who have the HP of each ct above the keys, his people are to carrment extrmits two keys (see picture ) which makes long-trs. But hez GEM They thought all the HP and the rest are connected by two legs conexion for sounds and two small screws, and for easy transport or storage over the ais 2 speakers can dtach by simple dvissage the 2 screws that hold them.
Bought used just to see what c'tait I sold one month as a APRS did not fit what I wanted.