GEM Realpiano Pro2
GEM Realpiano Pro2

Realpiano Pro2, Keyboard Arranger from GEM.

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andypb 08/04/2006

GEM Realpiano Pro2 : andypb's user review


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Generalmusic ( GEM ( ) ) digital RealPiano PRO2

- What type of keyboard (piano synth ...)? How many octaves?
Master keyboard (synth 88 keys, 128 note polyphony

- What connections (audio, MIDI ...)?
_Alim_ | _PC / MIDI MAC_ |_---- ---- 1 |_______[ ]______|_ OUT_A | __IN_ |___[ 2] __
12V dc | Computer | OUT THROUGH IN | PED2 PED1 DAMPER | LR / M | the R / M | Speakers
[1] PED1 / 2 foot pedals (normal or reverse polarity switch)
PDAL volume continues to
DAMPER: same as PED1 / 2 more "PDAL touffoir continue" specially GEM
[2] Speakers: minijack for connecting PC speakers / Returns amplified
Headphone jack of costs (jack 6.35) in faade

- How many sounds and styles available? Are ditables?
48 available sounds: acoustic and electric pianos, vibes, harpsichord, percussions chromatic harp, jazz and church organs, hearts, all strings, pads, bass

These sounds are not ditables

- Has he an effects section?
Yes, two editable effects processors:
Reverb: room, stage, hall, others (a small room, a church, a flat, a slap, a concert, Room 2, Stage 2, Hall 2, 2 small room, church 2, Flat 2, 2 slap, concert 2 )
It also has an 8-band graphic equalizer with custom settings can be saved in one of 64 memory locations "performances" for a reminder instantannbr />
- What are the characters of squenceur? ...
Squenceur two tracks "scratchpad" with a capacity of 45,000 stoquage of Events and a resolution of capture 192ppq. Normal recording or overdub and programmable metronome with a bell to mark the time


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?

- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy?

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...


I use it since February 1999, bought 1500 like new (dmo copy of the store).
I like almost all the sounds and those of particulirements piano, EP (Fender Rhodes), too, Hammond B3 organ style, the Wurlitzer ... the sounds are warm and Defines the size. The piano sounds are excellent.
The graphic EQ is effective.
On-board squenceur is minimalist and functions ditions are limits, but it's enough to capture something hot.
I jou few years on a Roland A80 and I think that sounds warmer and GEM moind hard .... but it is no longer subjective trs jou on A80 for over 10 years against the best team and Roland struts were to offer more possibilities. Cot finishes the GEM is anything under Roland but it's still good stuff, intuitive, robust and easy to handle.
The report qualitprix is ​​correct but one or two controllers and more expression (style Pitch / Bender / Modulation wheel) would not have the luxury ts.
Today I focus on the quality of the keyboard and controllers available on the instrument for controlling virtual synths, the sound-board quality remains a strong argument anyway.