Roland Prelude
Roland Prelude

Prelude, Keyboard Arranger from Roland.

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alex_70 08/31/2010

Roland Prelude : alex_70's user review


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Consult the news section for the characteristics.


The manual is not the worst of what we can see, for example Korg or it's downright stodgy. The keyboard as easy to access, the manual does not add much.
The edition of the sounds is limited is not a synth but it is all the same to change a few parameters, it is very easy to use.


Let's go back in the thick of it. I'm not going to go around the bush, do not buy this keyboard! (Neither the GW-8, the prelude is the copy with more speakers).

At the discovery of the Prelude we say they could have done continuously AC or AC that ca ca serves nothing, or it's wrong feat etc. It really has the feeling that ca t done a hurry, without taste, without any thought for the musician. Roland who falls asleep on his laurels and balance sounds and styles in a loose machine.
LCD screen with technology late 80s to display menus and sub menus rigid and ugly. Only 6 buttons Representative styles groups. The rest is done in submenus, pnible. For sounds, it is a little similar. You have to type in a list worthy of a window of Windows 3.1, again it's ugly.
What about the TAP / TEMPO flashing continuously measure and which is no possibility agree to disable this strobe?
It is also possible to block the tempo to search in styles. If for example I want to try in 70, you must manually re-set the tempo for each 70 new style essay.
You name it, this kind of drawback is Legion on the Prelude.

Ct sound is Roland yes, but rather end 90 beginning 2000. No revolution that level. I think it is rather correct, perhaps because I had not yet home and therefore Roland AC missing.

For styles E after prelude apparently not Introduced to mean Europe, but rather East. Indeed cibls countries by Roland for the sale of his keyboard are very clearly the countries of the east. The majority of styles does not concern the Western Europe and thus France (try the manual on the Roland website for you know it). Moreover compar of PA500 worth 100 euros more, ca lack of realism. It sounds rather between PSR range but with significantly better sound.

The reason I put a zero point of this keyboard, it's because Roland completely pays the head of his clients who trust him.
Indeed, Last update of the firmware, the famous version 2.0, brings a bug that makes it squenceur 16 tracks absolutely unusable.
Roland cares, the bug does remont them since at least March 2010 through a forum devoted to the brand.
In a nutshell, there are two possible method to register, the MIX mode and the REPLACE mode. The bug that only the MIX mode is slectionnable. Rsultat, If you are not happy with what you just recorded, no need to attempt a new record to the craserait prcdent. The only solution is to manually delete what you just recorded. And it is a whole process of menus and sub menus, buttons to press and values ​​change. It's crazy, it takes a lot of time and finally squenceur fashion is no longer part of the Prelude selling point. All that for just a little bug beast, a small line of code at Roland we refuse to correct. It's heartbreaking.
Me that made me happy to make small models rapido before moving on Cubase for srieux, bye bye.
If Roland is capable of passing such a big thing not react is that in this society we perdument profile of the customer.
A prciser that this bug is Introduced as the GW-8, which shares the same OS as the prelude.

Edit 03/09/2010:

I brings my rating 1/10. I think for 899 we are entitled to get what Roland Prelude that have a minimum profit of last 25 years since the first released arranger keyboards.
And I do not speak specially of components that could be better. I do not mean that integrates Roland in 2010 on a machine of this price processor ncessite 5 minutes to power transfrer 25 midi files from a USB key.
I speak of the contribution effort operating system that controls the machine. When you pay too expensive, the manufacturer should he not make a srieuse bug fix before launching a machine on the market?
The buyer must ultimately remain with a machine that is not able to do what it says in its manual.
And even if the bugs corrected t what about ergonomics so rigid and poorly thought this sentence operating system worthy of programmers mid year 80?
Both components have a price being added every best out of the factory.
However, the code of a pilot system does ncessite him a unique production cost. To be bcl this point, you really do exprs.