Yamaha PSS-380
Yamaha PSS-380

PSS-380, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PortaSound series.

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Tyokkann 01/31/2005

Yamaha PSS-380 : Tyokkann's user review


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4 octaves arranger keyboard - 49 keys with a non-dynamic point of support for split
FM tone generator for tone generator sounds and rhythms to PCM
100 different sounds
100 auto accompaniment styles
3 methods of support (fingered, single finger or auto bass)
Playable demo
Function "Dual Voice" to play two sounds at once (makes you 100 x 100 = 10,000 possible additional sound)
4-button control with two accompanying "intro / fill in" for 2 different intros or two different girls.
Adjust tempo from 40 to 240
Transposition -12 / +12
Adjusting the overall volume
Adjusting the volume accompanying
We can consider that there is an edition of the synthesizer sounds with digital 7 buttons to create your own sounds by changing the existing sounds, but there is no possibility of storing these sounds. The 7 buttons correspond to functions:
- Adjustment of the spectrum
- Adjusting the modulation
- Setting Attak
- Setting the decay
- Setting release
- Adjusting the vibrato
- Volume control
Mémory song: to save your tunes.
2 HP stereo
A headphone / out to
Dimensions: 63.7 x 25.2 x 8.5, Weight: 2.3Kg


Easy and intuitive keyboard seduced by its lightness and small footprint.
Manual clear and precise but here almost pointless in the simplicity of the machine.
the 7-button digital synthesizer is rather friendly and fun to use because it allows good tweaking sounds original. But no backup possible internal.


Same as for small Yamaha I've owned all three at once (PSR-150, PSS-380 PSS-595) I have kept only two or three months.
€ 55 bought used without even trying. I wanted a small keyboard with small buttons and not cumbersome to take anywhere. I sold when I had the PSS-595, much better with MIDI.
Value / Great Price for age and sounds of the machine. Especially since you can find used 50 € (what is € 50 for an electronic keyboard ????)
The best part for me was the lightweight and compact device!! You put it under his arm like a towel and a student you hop party V'là looool!!
The sound that comes less unrealistic for the most part (I will not even be copied easily by sounds such as keyboards, sound scratch). But hey, for a compact keyboard all age groups from this period can not ask him to blow up a Tyros loool!! is like trying to race in Pigeot 103 SP against a Bandit 1200 !!!!!!
A wise choice to do I do it again for a child, because the little touches are nice and the price.