Yamaha DGX-640
Yamaha DGX-640

DGX-640, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the DGX series.

DEEJAY MY'Z 11/04/2013

Yamaha DGX-640 : DEEJAY MY'Z's user review


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Yamaha DGX 640W is the penultimate version of a long series of Yamaha Digital Piano signed since they released the 650 DGX which brings nothing more except the black and white colors.

For specifications in detail I invite to read the data sheet. Basically you have a digital piano 88 keys, a range of more than 500 sound samples, export and import MIDI files via USB (not taking MIDI), headphone output, possibility of having 3 pedals option ... comes with a small piece of furniture to fit. Weight quite Therefore, two 5W speakers Yamaha enough for this kind of instrument. Ability to be used as master keyboard as reliable via a pc or mac.

The first edge, I found very elegant with a good overall finish.


In terms of handling, it is very intuitive and easy to use, all functions have their assigned keys, very well done manual will be there to help you manage the little details like the use of sequencers .

There are different editable effects with up to four Bank safeguard to keep your parameterization.
The dual mode allows you to combine two sample and Split Mode allows him as his name suggests dividing the piano into two sections with two tones.

There is also a LESSON mode that allows you to replay the piano piece or imported MIDI with the score display, very well done, especially for those who started playing the piano.

The séquenseur is very basic so easy to use, you only have 5 + recordable track for the rhythm track (choose from the SONG mode among many style) ... but do not expect to do with this kind of beatmaking This tool is for pianists who register a real performance. Inability to correct wrong notes, when you re-record, it automatically erases the track. I utlise the most to keep my ideas ... that are possible to get USB Midi.

Let's talk about the sound content ... it is so pretty and sound ... this is not a synthesizer even if there is some electro sound ... the rest is the classic, everything is instruments at the level ... electric guitars that said medium, acoustic guitars are much better. The wind instrument and violins are vraimment quality for organs it's still okay but not better ... well I'd end pianos are beautiful ... too few maleureusement is the case for rhodes and electric pianos. The accompaniments are quite varied but a little more modern would not hurt (SOUL-RNB. ..) this also applies to the drum kits. The two small Yamaha speakers are very ffective and really take pleasure in sound sensations, at least for me it was important to have a sound close to real piano there and I won ...

... Especially for the touch of the piano is CE I was looking for that is neither too light nor too heavy (although it has three levels of graduation Electronically adjustable). What appealed to me is the elegance and attention to the notes. The touch is smooth and pleasant white and matt black are more gripping ... vraimment top is because in addition to having good sound sensations I chose for her touch is vraimment unrivaled at this price, this is my feeling.
I tested a lot of digital pianos all makes up a budget 1700th and I could not resist when my hands are placed on it. Even the Yamaha P95 and have nothing to do ... is vraimment series Korg and Roland plastic is interesting from 1800th ... I do not talk about Casio and Kawai Delson or because for me it ' is the Camelott (sorry for these brands).


I utlise now for almost 5 months, I expected to have a little perspective on that first digital piano and I confess that I had a love at first sight ... I have yet beautiful machine in synth but DGX 640 is my favorite ... I've made real progress in either the interpretation or improvisation as the hit is nice.
Having tested dozens of piano I never thought I'd find my bohneur less than 600th, compared to the rest of the concurrency I feel that this digital piano is in hand. And I'm not surprised to see that alot of people or not amateurs who post videos (of tutorials or covers) on the net, have adopted the DGX .. I think I'm not the only one who sensed the bargain ... it proves that it's still a good reference.

So sure it can be improved, we need more pianos, more Rhodes younger rhythms and connected (PS: I have nothing against the waltz), no MIDI or dual output L R. .. but even with that I do not want to part with it for fear of no longer find his touch so special ... knowing that I would never have the talent of Mozart or a stay of 50m2 for a real grand piano ... Confirmed or not, if you are looking for a powerful tools, elegant, versatile and transportable and less than 700th ... I have not found better ... so I put the note 9.5/10 rounded to 10 because some instruments have given me such pleasure.