Yamaha NP-V80
Yamaha NP-V80

NP-V80, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Piaggero series.

philrud 07/24/2013

Yamaha NP-V80 : philrud's user review

«  I love it: too much! »

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This is a keyboard and 76-key piano together, four octaves 6 notes.Longueur: 126.4cm, high: 11cm, depth: 31cm, weight: 7.1kg.Touches sensitive vélocité.Touches "harder" on severe and less severe to less severe aigus.Mais piano.500 a real voice, 165 styles. Auto Accompaniment, dubbing voice key, arpeggiator, harmonizer, 6 tracks recorder, key front USB port and USB output to rear exit unseparated headphone and line, pedal jack sustain.Alimentation 12V 1.5 Amp or 6 AA batteries LR6.Réglage voice: volume, pan, reverb, chorus ... function transpose (pitch) settings half -tons.Tuning: Setting pitch by one hundredth of ton.Fonction dual and split: 2instru's assigned to one touche.Pédale sustain "light" 2-Way Speakers fournie.Haut intégrés.Puissance 2x 6Watts.Manuel use provided several languages ​​and a special manual in French and English as 103 pages per langue.Un CD-ROM is provided to install "soft music" downloader. (downloading songs noon for the computer)


Manual clear paper and downloadable manual at yamaha.com on the web, free and clear too.

1st test: do not worry, one support button, turn the wheel, it does start and go Be careful not to let some buttons "on" when you do not need it ... You can have! surprises like, "is there a piano player in my place But it is either." It is easy to use for functions principales.Les more detailed functions, I have not regardé.Mais choose a style , an instrument, play dual or split or arpeggiator is simple here.


I use it for 2:00 before I had a yam 'ypt220 of débutant.J I have the opportunity to play on a real piano right from time to time and I felt here, the sensations of real piano, even For me ... if a touch too light, it's not good, but a touch too heavy, it is not easy aussi.Ici, it is between the two.

To listen to the sound of the piano, go philrud (me), in com 'and listen to the song "First Steps", I just save it Yam' NP-V80.

More:. Keys velocity and hardness according to tone sound that changes tona to release key: great piano sound is beautiful, it is light, you can put the battery But the most:. With him j 'come to play a chord on 4 keys without forcing (easy), then with my ypt220 I had a lot of trouble, even a bad dog ...

Cons: it's like everything, there are voices (instruments) whose rendering is good, even very good, but others, it is the cat 'as the harmonica (ouch), the string cello type bass it goes, but the higher strings tona, it is not a real guitar, it's like everything ...