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paradies 11/17/2013

Yamaha ps 55 : paradies's user review

«  LO LO fi n FI ... »

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4 octave keyboard 49 keys "arranger" public early 80s (1983 I think)
Member of the PS 35 series / 55, successor of PS 20 and 30

We find a headphone output on the front.
2 RCA inputs on the back, which allows input according to a turntable cassette player manual. Today we can enter a computer, mp3 player or an iPad to play in the street or in the mountains (lol) ...
2 RCA L / R outputs
A pedal input jack
1 input for power yamaha
Cover for 6 x 1.5 volt R20
2 speakers 12 cm 5watts power

1 3 mini sequencer tracks (Bass & chord / band / solo)
Bass & Chord section 1 (in normal mode, the entire keyboard is the orchestral sounds and / or solo)
1 arpeggiator section two and one change his lofi kind game console
Rhythm Section 1 (5 + 2x8 rhythms fill in)
Orchestra section 1 (2 times 8 polyphonic instruments)
1 solo section (2 times 8 monophonic instruments)
1 small effect section consists of a chorus, tremolo and "celeste" effect
Adjustable sustain for orchestras and solo sounds.
No velocity ...
Impossible to know if the generator is its analog or digital ... the machine was released in 1983 along with the dx7, but not obviously uses fm ... It sounds like these are analog predecessors, but impossible to have confirmation internetes the research is conflicting about and not based on any official documents ...


The config is very simple.
there is no editing will be possible for sounds ...


I had his cousin PS30 few weeks when I was 6 years old ...
Good in terms of archi arranger is exceeded, the interest of such a machine, if it is found in only a mouthful of epain is to divert its initial use is to make sound groundwater Vintage or to laugh with the bar that sounds to be kitsche (kitsche but not narrow ...)
It may also be one or two lead sounds ... just about a few dollars in a garage it will, but it seems PS even less grainy than the PS30 (impression?)
Can serve machine string of poor and lets go laugh on the beach (if you can find a battery ..)
In a ampilant his band and his solo, you can do some interesting things too (use effects)
it has a strong enough output level so it is well worth more entries listed ranges for certain uses ... but it has a little breath (MT32 kind)
For 150 euros, of course he will have a better track real synth: juno 1 or poly 800, another planet ... but this little ps is not ridiculous ... for a price "flea market / garage sale" there is no much to risk ...
Just for the box ultra pace kitsche we can find a interest ...