Yamaha Tyros 4 10th Anniversary
Yamaha Tyros 4 10th Anniversary
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rounard75 04/20/2012

Yamaha Tyros 4 10th Anniversary : rounard75's user review

«  Arranger collector! »

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High-end keyboard, a 500 internal styles, 1000 sounds whose joints Super 2 (saxophones, guitars, piano, clarinet, keyboards ...), 16-track sequencer with single or multiple recording, MP3 / Wave audio connection you noon and USB particular. Keyboard a little soft but we can adjust the velocity.


a keyboard that can be approached from amateur or more technical (advanced), edition of voices, styles, imports of styles, sounds, samples or playback, USB key loaded with simple, many effects for sounds ( Fully customizable with potions) effects for vocals (microphone jack or XLR jack 1.4). Overall the styles are impressive, there is something for everyone and it is easy to procure including other auction sites to increase capacity of the machine and to adapt better to the arrangements specific songs. The manual that comes with the unit is for a first approach, you can buy the manual PDF forward by the Yamaha official website.


I have the keyboard for a few weeks, a dream that finally came true. I compare PA3X, beautiful keyboard but also seemed less open to loads of new styles, songs or sounds. The Tyros 10th anniversary edition is beautiful in her black dress, it is classy and is more professional. Super articulation sounds are exceptional (saxophone, clarinet, classical guitars and flamenco, jazz and modern guitar electric in particular), the piano is good without being exceptional, but this edition includes a nice vintage electric piano pack (including funk pianos), j ' have been able to get quickly and easily with new sounds on the official website Tyros and styles. 250 GB HDD offers huge capacity recording and storage, 1052 MB memory module provides also for wider sound. a beautiful and very nice keyboard that takes us to the creation and execution of hits. Usage is fairly easy even for the novice. I think I made a good choice when the key is expensive.