Jaspers 170-4-120-19B
Jaspers 170-4-120-19B

170-4-120-19B, Keyboard Stand from Jaspers.

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Yuwhan 04/25/2011

Jaspers 170-4-120-19B : Yuwhan's user review

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Want to optimize your space in your music studio apartment rikiki?
This stand is what you need!
It will allow you to store 4 73-key keyboard or 120 cm max and 6 rack units all at a depth of 50 cm.

Not content with a 6-unit rack, I contacted Jaspers to ask if it was possible to increase this. They said they could add 6 more units (at an additional cost of € 30) to which I said 'yes!'. (see result on the photo).

The package was delivered to me 10 to 15 days later by UPS, fully packed and protected inside by the manufacturer. When unpacking I was a little overwhelmed by the number of tubes and wondered whether I'd get it assembled. But with a little logic, method and courage I had it together in 3 hours (alone ^ ^). One problem is there's no plan, but by looking at the picture on their site I figured out where to place the tubes, as well as when the floors are marked with tags and their respective shift is preset. Otherwise it's a real pleasure to ride it since the tubes are deburred properly, posing no risk to bark one's shins bright. BTR is a key provided to assemble everything using junctions already mounted on PVC pipes. Nuts and bolts are also provided to install the equipment in the rack.

If you're tired of products assembled in risky emerging markets to the point where you're forced to file for a pipe weld passes in another (and I know whereof I speak), you will not be disappointed product quality Jaspers, subject only to want to pay the price.

I do it again this election without much hesitation, it's too much happiness!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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