Sho-bud LDG Model
woody 06/19/2006

Sho-bud LDG Model : woody's user review


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Made in the USA in Nashville (that is marked above)
Single neck with 10 strings E9 (Mi 9th is the standart single stick) 3 pedals and 4 knee armrest equipped with a faux leather brief is the model of Lloyd Green, one can listen to his hard to get an idea of ​​the sound! basically it is less aggressive than the pedal-steel-art is more "round" (Lloyd Green can be heard on the discs of the "Byrds" in the 70's ...... that's it now?)

Level "power" is simple architecture, it plugs into a good volume pedal which in my case and connected in a "POD LINE 6" (There are amplifiers specially designed for the Pedal-Steel in "Fender" or "Paevey" among others, but these amps to be very powerful "400W" in order to have a very clear, so quite heavy) plugged into the sound system or a sound card, the only disadvantage of this system and that the stage must be make sure to have a setting in ecxellent returns under penalty of crash guaranteed! So apart from the volume pedal there is no volume knob or tone knob.

Level "mechanical" is beautiful to look at it and immediately understand why and how, where we marveled at the ingenious mechanism to serve the laws of harmony in this sense the Pedal-Steel and unique and "Sho-Bud" in was one of the principal artisan for many years. In short, once the mechanics properly oiled, adjusted
and tuning done correctly, the accuracy and harmony will reign for many months!

You will say that I'm biased on this opinion, because the section you announced you could see that I sold mine! And it is precisely by putting my ad that I realized that there was no notice on the Pedal-Steel-Pedal Steels and in general. So I would like to conclude by adding that most major brands of Pedal-Steel, and what's more recent models are a quality mechanical and electronic irreproachable market and too confidential for a mark to take the risk of burn selling anything. The only difference between a vintage model as the "SHO-Bud LDG" and a recent model resides at the microphone, a good modern micro will breath a little less than a vintage with very high volume, but it will not the same sound either! Matter of taste.

Some Pedal-Steel Force does not have a spring to return the mechanical (and therefore the right note!) Although it right on the stops and have the string tension for the job! My first Pedal-Steel was in this case! that's right I learned some chords and riffs, but it quickly becomes ennervant because of course, half the time the note does not come back properly and it sounds wrong! more often there is only one knee that limits its use. The "SHO-BUD LDG" is a model pro in E9 standard springs at all stages and three pedals and four knee: I shall be tempted to 10, knowing that it is also a matter of taste!


Like most of the Pedal-Steel.


Vintage and round.


I use it for 15 years, I had three different models single neck before, and I also have a double neck model more recent "exel" that sounds more "aggressive" and that is great also. The price of a new one is in the range of 2500 Euros and 4000 Euros to do ahead of the USA, although this will change for the first time by importing a French, a German manufacturer of instruments for very high quality!