JimboSpins 09/25/2012

Miktek CV4 : JimboSpins's user review

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The Miktek CV4 is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with up to 9 different polar patterns. It has a very sleek stainless steel look to it and it come with the shock mount and a hard case to protect it. You will not get anymore out of a large diaphragm tube microphone than the Miktek CV4 will deliver. This microphone will pick up everything that is going on around you, that is the reason that I say stay away from it for live use. You will need to mess with the pick patterns and be careful of your environment when recording with it. It has a very warm natural sound that any vocalist or engineer can appreciate. If you are looking for a really big sound, then the Miktek CV4 will handle that for you.


The Miktek CV4 has an extended low frequency response, basically its more of a classic warm sound that has a natural vintage feel to it. All of the low end when you record with it is very clean and somewhat even bright. It really sounds well rounded on the low end, while not over doing it and making it sound to heavy. The CV4 is well built , it was actually built by hand and is one of the few microphones that still get completely hand made. The value of this microphone is right on with the price point. It does cost a good chunk of change but the quality sound matches was it cost. Knowing what I know now, I would have got this microphone a long time ago if I could do it again. It gives you a natural warmth in your mix without even having to do much to it. It’s quality fits great for any style of music and in any environment. You just can go wrong with the CV4. We plan on getting another one of these sometime next year.