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moosers 02/22/2009

Soundelux USA E47 : moosers's user review


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The Soundelux E47 is a tube condenser microphone best suited for use in the recording studio. In fact, I wouldn't recommend using this for live shows as it is not only expensive, but somewhat fragile and not intended for use on the stage. It comes with a separate power supply as the tube inside needs to be powered by an external source. This is another reason that you should keep this microphone in your studio - its simply too bulky for use anywhere else.


I've been using the Soundelux E47 tube condenser microphone for about a year or so and I have found it quite useful in a number of different applications. The overall tone quality is fat and rich in tone, which makes it an awesome vocal microphone for all types of singers. I have also used it with great success on the body of acoustic guitars and other stringed acoustic instruments. This being said, the E47 is a great all around microphone and will probably work great in any situation. While I wouldn't say that this microphone will color your signal, it does have a unique tone quality to it and will add fatness to your signal, most likely because of the tube. Besides the tone quality, the overall look of this microphone is just about as cool looking as they get. It is big, which makes it hard to place for certain applications, but it makes for a great aesthetic and is always a great choice for taking pictures with! The price of the E47 isn't exactly cheap, but considering it is a high end quality tube microphone it is probably worth the price if you are looking into getting a microphone like this. While it isn't the best microphone I've ever heard, it sounds pretty great and is a great vocal microphone.