Bernard Ancèze 02/10/2006

The T.bone SCT800 : Bernard Ancèze's user review


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A light seems it. I say it seems, because it is not to let heat ncessaire anything to work.
A look from AKG C12 without the talent.


Test voice, acoustic guitars, piano, home studio and professional studio.

Studio pro:
A caricature of his lamp. Compression dsagrable in proximity. Trs is soft, it must be given sound.
Voice: sad, dull, although a less AKG C1000, Trs far the Neumann KM84 derrire, 87, 105 Kms, and AKG C 414 XLII.
Acoustic Guitars: soft, creamy, a little too rough, but not zero away from the more comfortable on my nylon strings got. Never before the rose is the worst. Better than a sm57 or 58. Less than Dfine AKG C1000S naked, but more musical, less than KM84 Neumann U87 and AKG C 414 XLII as the optimal placement of each of these microphones.
Grand piano: open (piano) is not bad at all. It leaves enough freedom to the placement and the pursuit of his desire. I imagine a pair of these microphones should render loyal service for the price. Better than C1000, SM57 and 58 (notice that I did not try the same so the two has parat empty), less well, and it is clear that the Neumann and C414 . On an upright piano placement IDAL dpendant primarily the piano, open, more or less dsoss soil, the wall nearest, etc ... I find the uprights much more likely than large pianos, so on an upright piano, it is less servile, more coating, enough flteur.
But it was in the studio, with acoustic tudie, freedom of movement and pramplis suitable.

At home, at home and a friend, it is not the same. The acoustics, however, is not too bad at home, I have no problem of too many rsonances and parasites, I use rgulirement and happily, a KM84 on the guitar and U87 for vocals. The 800 is T.bone dpourvu cutting down and attnuateur. And it is sorely lacking. So is this lousy mug standing wave, which is in the small rooms in the lower promne mdium, l o a stamp! I also mug with the U87, but the proximity + + attnuateur the low-cut, Done done, libr. And our lovely T. Bone is the street, unusable. Yet its price to its intended home studio. Ok, but not in the conditions I have just dcrire. If it makes you feel like your home, take care of your acoustic treatment really Prior, and if you use a computer, stick him a good pramp.