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yoTrakkz 08/26/2011

Wunder Audio CM7 : yoTrakkz's user review

« high quality .. »

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The CM7 Mic works great with a wide range of pitches, this microphone was used my studio for about a year, and it stood above the rest any other mic we used. But for hip hop vocals we didn’t think it was the best mic we could go with. But for singing and RnB it sounded great with the pitch range of different singers.

The CM7 sounded great during live performances as well, it has a crystal clear sound that sounds very big with or with any effects added during the mixing process. Doesn’t pick up any hissing or background noice which is great for any studio whether the room is treated or not. This is a great buy for a serious musician and or artist. When you purchase the CM7 it comes in a oak box with a shock mount and power supply cord. They also have a GT version of the mic which is an upgrade and is more expensive.


Overall this is a great mic and it will last you forever, it sounds good and it looks great. You can record beautiful vocals and even live instruments. We did a test with this using some drums just to see how it would sound picking up kicks and various pitched snares and it sounded crystal clear and exactly how you want it to sound. The downside of the CM7 is the price, its very pricey and there are other mics on the market that are way more affordable. But we all know you get what you pay for and if you want great quality you will have to fork out more and more money to get that quality. This is definitely worth the buy if you have the money to invest, this isn’t something you want to get in your home studio. This works best in a treated room that is separate from everything.