Dune Lighting Crazy-7
Dune Lighting Crazy-7

Crazy-7, Laser less than 500mW from Dune Lighting.

chte2b 05/28/2007

Dune Lighting Crazy-7 : chte2b's user review


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I use the weekend for an evening of one hundred people ... I have a frog 3watts, but too powerful for the place.
so I rented the beast .... and I expected the worst advice read through it and said about the small laser powers.
First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, a beautiful flight case serious non of the machine. Inside, everything is the cable of power supply, interface and ilda cd to install.
the laser itself is a very beautiful case of a very respectable weight in the 12kg.
All connections are la.3 possibilitees utilasation of music / DMX (10 channels) / ilda software.
a little bit of fog and light the ...... beast !!!!!!!!
Surprisingly, the first impression is that most good, gives 250mW, in my opinion it easily passes the 300 ..
beautiful color rendering (yellow, purple, cyan, white!, green, red and blue)
the software provided is nice to realize real-time various figures and texts.
frankly bont stuff ........ the price is less than 3500th emplement justified.
if you want an effect that will give a little extra to your animations do not hesitate .....