Sony SDM-HS95P
Sony SDM-HS95P

SDM-HS95P, LCD Monitor from Sony.

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moosers 08/04/2011

Sony SDM-HS95P : moosers's user review


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The Sony SDM-HS95P is an older LCD computer monitor. Of course like all monitors it can be used for purposes outside of recording music, but the only capacity which I've used the monitor in has been for a DAW set up. I don't own the monitor myself but my room mate has it as one of his two monitors in his home studio and I tend to work in there a bit with him. We're using mostly Logic, but also Pro Tools and between this and the other monitor he has it's a pretty clear picture of everything going in within the DAW's. Compared to newer LCD monitors, this isn't going to hold up as a great monitor, but it nonetheless gets the job done and won't hold you back from seeing anything you need to see. The other monitor that he has in this set up is a bit quirky and doesn't work as well, so this is the main monitor being used, which I think is saying something. Even if you wanted to use this as your secondary monitor as a compliment to your better looking Apple Cinema or something of the like, I think it would do a great job. I don't know how old the Sony SDM-HS95P is, but it's definitely a bit old as far as computer gear goes. No worries there as as long as you can find one that is in decent shape, it's worth picking up as it's going to be super cheap. This is definitely best suited for someone looking to pick up an adequate computer monitor for next to nothing. It's not going to be the clearest picture when you compare it to the most up to date high definition monitors, but it will get the job done unless you're looking for something spectacular.