Faith Venus High Gloss
Faith Venus High Gloss
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vincent_59 02/04/2010

Faith Venus High Gloss : vincent_59's user review


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see manufacturer's website for information and manufacturing specifications .....


excellent ergonomics, a light guitar with which one can play for hours without fatigue .....
access is super sharp (cutaway requires). and the handle is ultra-comfortable .....


here is the important point that we are all interested in buying a guitar .....!!!!

the sound is well balanced without getting into too much serious and this was decisive for my choice
I play with an open bass string given in D or often do and because of the shape of the guitar and his predisposition to provide high medium sound remains sharp in the bass and not mushy.

it is a very dynamic guitar that meets your grades good games, I play a lot of finger-picking, arpeggios and strumming with pick or thumb tab and I can assure you that this guitar is great versatility in all areas.
of course this is not a dreanought then the projection is less forward, however the sound is always very clean and without reason too.

I tried it plugged into amps sr technologies jam jam 400 and 150 and I can tell you that the preamp shadow sh 863 guitar team with just the main volume, bass, treeble fulfilling its role and the guitar sounds terrible with plenty of punch thanks to the sensor and the sound is rather Nanoflex round and smooth without agressivitée piezzos of classic, you can also activate the button to dig the medium that gives depth to the sound.


I recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a guitar very versatile and the brand euilibrée faith is not very known in France but I fell in love with this guitar and I played for 24 years, I think this guitar does has nothing to envy to taylor first prize more it is delivered in a hard case it is always nice price if you looked for a good guitar in this price range then go for it ...!!!!!