Stagg SW203CE LH
Stagg SW203CE LH

SW203CE LH, Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Stagg in the 203 series.

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Sonat 04/30/2006

Stagg SW203CE LH : Sonat's user review


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Electric guitar folk low-end ...

So it's not a massive table.

Despite this, the finish is very good despite its price ... say nothing of it!

As against the microphone is of very poor quality ...


This is my first guitar when compared to that wolf ...

Otherwise yes I find the handle very enjoyable, especially compared to electric in the same brand and same budget.

It is a bit heavy, but nothing bad, it must be the case for micro and ...

The killer question: - do you get a good sound easy? ...

It's simple, I lost six months learning to make it out good sound ...


The noise, the weak point ...

It seems that the guitar does not even safe, to ring with your fingers becomes very difficult ...

Otherwise connect an amp, it becomes easier. But then what's the ... how to say .... yuck? We will say more without a scratch electric acoustic effect that is to say ...


Premire is my guitar and did a year since I use it.

Résumé to the finish is very good.

The problem is his rel ... It does not ring and connect an amp is not found the sound of an acoustic.

For beginners like me, its enough to get your feet wet. But here, do not keep more than a year ... After it is most useful in the way (remember to remove the mic;))

EDIT 30/04/06: Its been a year 1 / 2 .... I have very much that I change .. no help .. it gives hints not want to play and I no longer rising. I saw 100 in OCCAZ, its worth no more