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MGR/sonic_tooth 02/16/2005

Tanglewood TW1200 NE LH : MGR/sonic_tooth's user review

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i walked into sounds live in newcastle and asked what the cheapest decent (in his opinion) left handed acoustic was, the guy looked in a book and said tanglewood are really good then he said £189 but well do it for £139 then he said oh no wait thats a twelve string (6 string version was 99). i decided then that what what i wanted. it is phenomanally cheap for a twelve string

it is brilliant it looks nice and it sounds so sweet, the sustain and volume are incredible i cant play it at night. the tuners are nice. strings are expensive so i dont change them often enough (i have this a mexican tele an sg copy and a les paul copy to think of as well)

its a full sized dreadnought despite the sound its really cumbersome to play and my strumming arm hurts after long periods of heavy strumming when i first got it it used to hurt my fingers because it takes twice the amount of pressure to hold strings down. you have to be careful with plectrums as well with this guitar.

quality is very good the intonation on the low e s very slightly out i could probably fix it wth a little sanding on the bridge but im far too lazy it sounds brilliant anyway.

good guitar cant compare it very well ive only played another lefty twelve string and it was far superior but the price would have given me a heart attack. it sounds good and plays nice id buy it again but im annoyed at not having a six string acoustic i might save up for a takemine if they make left handed ones

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