Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left
Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left

Coastline S12 Cedar Left, Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar from Seagull in the Coastline series.

Pat Vurden 02/13/2009

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left : Pat Vurden's user review


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Guitar factory hand in Canada.
21 frets, piezo pre-amp and LR Baggs Quantum I.
Red cedar table fishplates and bottom plating 3 layers of birch.
Silver Saddle handle rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
: Mechanical bath oil, nuts in Tusq (compensated bridge saddle.
The finish is excellent all levels, Polished is very pleasing to the touch.


The neck is fairly wide (48mm at nut), C profile very end, it is very pleasing to play.
We will not speak to the highs of the CASC, this guitar does not availing oneself of pan shot.
The body is dreadnought shape, but with more rounded shoulders.


The acoustic sound is excellent, very warm, and bass dj presents the new instrument. This guitar availing oneself of the famous natural chorus on high strings, I could hear dj on my S12.
In electro is wonderful, the Quantum I do not look, because of its simplicity but s'avre formidable ... 3 contrl, a volume knob, a knob for the treble, a knob for the bass, nothing more. CASC battery is made by the fishplate outdoors through a hatch located in the prs jack belt clip.
Respte perfectly sound electro acoustic sound of the guitar and plugs into my amp Technology JAM150 SR + is a rgal ear ...


I use it for 2 months and I have a lot of fun playing it. I never t by the Seagull, and I availing oneself 3. Their mid-range models are excellent, there is nothing wrong.
I tried a Tanglewood TW15/12, yuck cluck of Seagull ...
When we left, the choice is more limited than in 12 strings, but fortunately, there is the Coastline 12 strings, and this for my greatest happiness.
I got new 600, but since The beginning of 2009, prices took a slap ... The report is very reasonable qualitprix.
With exprience, I would do this without hesitating choice.