Seagull S6 Original Left
Seagull S6 Original Left

S6 Original Left, Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar from Seagull in the Original series.

gege342 05/04/2009

Seagull S6 Original Left : gege342's user review


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Manufactures hand, countries with adults other than with a bowl of soup (those with "Made in China" will understand) MOTHERLAND in QUEBEC, CANADA. The finish is remarkable perceived, woods are not varnished, it seems to have the scratches out of a luthier.
The solid top is cedar.
eclissses bottom and cherry wood (awesome beauty)
mahogany neck (14 keys are playable)
the 22 keys and rosewood bridge.

Message for the breakers and other Ghulam irons: Gaffe you is beautiful and the sound is incredible, but it's not a guitar track ... The slightest touch of nail and mark life ... forget Donations gypsy percussion on the table with the chevalire gold!


The neck is super wide (like a classical) and relatively late. It is not primarily the guitar easier to play, but the sound is so warm that we forget what dtail IMMEDIATELY.
CASC to treble is not his strong point, but hey, it's not a pan-shot ...
Personally I did shave the saddle RVision THE FIRST, because the string action was a little high.
Me I use it for all styles, she knows everything.


I play every day for over two years and first thing to know: It's a real musical instrument, not an instrument that makes music! So I deprecated in Premire skyscraper, a would be a shame to finish the ornament in the living room.

Since acquiring the sound was truly possible amlior was hard to be defined, but has reason better and more rounded.

The sustain is incredible Completely. Low captivating, even on the barre chords.

I play finger systmatiquement without mdiator and even as a, it sends super strong.


The pros:
* Finish - beautbr /> * sonority
* Price

the -:
* Is a lefty guitar, and how often it is a blind purchase ...
* Very sensitive to "small strokes"
* Run a bit wide