Peavey Millennium 5 BXP LH
Peavey Millennium 5 BXP LH

Millennium 5 BXP LH, Left-Handed Electric Fretted Bass from Peavey in the Millennium series.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/04/2008

Peavey Millennium 5 BXP LH : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Ben_137/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
5-string passive electric bass.

21 frets.

Two Jazz Bass type pickups.

Bridge with two options: string through body or drop-in bridge

Lime tree body and neck, maple top and rosewood fingerboard.

Mine is blue .

Basic settings: one volume control per pickup plus one master tone control.


Rather slim neck. Good playability. Average access to the upper frets. The bass is ergonomic and quite light. Good balance. Very versatile sound but without character.


I used it with tube and solid-state amps and I couldn't hear any difference between the amps. The sound of this bass has no character, it sounds the same with every amp. Now that I have a G&L I can hear the difference.

I liked this versatile and characterless sound very much. The thin strings have a punchy response, which might have to do with the height of the pickups. The sound is satisfying considering the instrument's price. The strings feel a bit too dull. Perhaps the playing feel improves with heavier strings.

The instrument sounds fat, but I used to set the tone control to minimum because the knob is really effective and you can end up with a very nasal sound, which I personally don't like. Perhaps for slapping?


I played it two years while I studied music. The quality is satisfying considering the price. This bass is probably not interesting for a professional musician. But I still use it on stage for songs that have a non-standard tuning. The sound is ok.

Advantages: wonderful look, amazing value for money, versatile sound (which is also a disadvantage).

Disadvantages: the low B, the tone control.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again because it's worth its price and it allowed me to spend three beautiful years studying music without spending too much money. I give it a 10 because I think the value for money is exceptional!