Cavalera 01/22/2005

Ibanez GRG170DXL : Cavalera's user review


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Made in Indonesia
24 Frets (Jumbo) 3 Micro (Double, Single, Double)
Two knob: a tone and volume
5-way switch
Vibrato (but very very rotten as vibrato)


Channel rather light and very pleasant, neither too late nor too wide but fairly good rule is out of the box (ask your dealer as he recovers)
By ca forms the access is very easy to acute
on the other hand I found the guitar a bit too heavy


The sound of this guitar is perfect for left-handed guitarist souaitant commece with a big sound to be able to rock and metal. The guitar sounds naturally bold with double (perfect with a little distortion) but rather a rather neutral in its simple
As against the difference is not sufficiently flagrant between the different micro so plan a chage of micro to really have a range of different sound.


I use this guitar for two months and I'm not disappointed! On the contrary
Certe like all Ibanez micro model are not top, but the violin is very good and the price (260) is very correct (especially for a left-handed model)
I redeemed without a doubt this guitar if it again, as much for its sound quality and technical (very good for an entry-level), for its looks very simpa.
A very good first guitar.
But good for those who want to actually start with the big sound you really need to change the micro (Seymour Duncan poowaaa)