Ibanez RG550L [1988-1992]
Ibanez RG550L [1988-1992]

RG550L [1988-1992], Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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aldejerph 01/09/2009

Ibanez RG550L [1988-1992] : aldejerph's user review


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Fabiquée in Japan, the RG 550 is an excellent guitar. I like the easel-like pink floyd, especially for its ability to keep the note and not to allow re-tuning every minute, even though my first experience proved catastrophic disassembly (back from the luthier) that I then slowed to fully explore my guitar. In return, the tuning of the guitar is longer than a fender. The guitar has two settings (tone and volume) and three microphones are five possible positions with the selector.


The guitar is very well designed, access to all frets is easy and I quickly used the handle of the 6 strings (a little too well). The handle allows a game rapide.En regards the sound, I am less enthusiastic, but it is a matter of taste.

Also, I do not know if it is a control bp vibrato but it has a very low action. In short, if you want to do the slide, go your way.


This guitar is for my taste plus a guitar, Hard Rock and is only suitable medium to very my style of play (60's). So the sound does not please me particularly well with the style Gearbox Software emulators, I could get closer to the sound I wanted.


I use it regularly for 15 years. This was my first Ibanez electric guitar, which is not automatically recommended as a first purchase. This is an excellent guitar on the contrary, but with too many adjustments for a beginner.

Being left handed, each instrument in this version is more expensive at least 80 to 100 €. At the time, I wanted to buy a Gibson Les Paul, but the gap between prices left-handed/right-handed made the difference (I was a student). That's why I folded this model that I would never buy if I had the necessary budget.