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Peavey PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Peavey PV-2600

    Peavey PV-2600 - " Amp ultra rugged for pro, built-in filter"


    Hello! I view my own fan, super quiet, the opposite is that there problème.Dynamique optimized aphex or compressor. the sound is a good ensemble.Il takes her behind. 2 X 1 X 900w or 1800w build quality and cooling again, great for use sévère.Peavey h…

  • Peavey Pro 15 MKII

    Peavey Pro 15 MKII - " Tops quality for a budget of 300 euros"


    These speakers do their job and they do well. A warm sound, power to spare and especially an unbeatable price, the pro 15 remain for me the best speakers on the market at this price. I use them in the evening for over two years and I never had any …

  • Peavey EuroSys 3

    Peavey EuroSys 3 - " Very good sound!"


    Used in home studio in the evening sound and group (in bars) have a powered mixer Yamaha EMX640. Indestructible, the sound of great clarity and good covering all frequencies. …

  • Peavey XR 1212

    Peavey XR 1212 - " love"


    Quality 10/10 report / quality / price impeccable use with 2 martin audio f15 + better than the QSC strongly suggest proposed addition of S218 + martin audio amp 1 QSC RMX 5050 …

  • Peavey GPS 2600

    Peavey GPS 2600 - "Good gear!"


    I use it for 7 years. It is a very powerful amplifier that can driver of subwoofers and full range with no problem! It's hard to clip it really caustaud. It is quite heavy because it has a robust linear power supply (everything is a double from the…

  • Peavey CS 4080HZ

    Peavey CS 4080HZ - ppgc.location's review


    I have one for about 6months, he turns on two big subwoofers (wbin in rcf). I did not have much to add to its record low for the record they are on the forum ... parcontre I used it several times on the full range Electrovoice, and it's Armageddon! …

  • Peavey Pro 15 MKII

    Peavey Pro 15 MKII - " speakers for the evening pro"


    I use them for 2 years, it sends very good sound with no distortion, bass and treble nikel, power up to 600 W, I tried bcp model as rcf, jbl, ev, Das, but the price level is nothing to do ....... I'm making this choice without hesitation. just a l…

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - " Excellent value for money!"


    hello I've had 5 years is compact and efficient! the sound is very good and the table is perfect (if not too many anyway ... Made in USA quality mean nothing to the appointment I do it again without hesitation that choice is an ideal design for l…

  • Peavey Pro 12 Passive

    Peavey Pro 12 Passive - " Good entry-level product"


    For how long have you been using it? For a little over 2 years What thing do you like most/least about it? The award, given for the correct price and for 12 'reliability. The finish is fairly average (though not always glued carpet) over the gua…

  • Peavey Pro 15 MKII

    Peavey Pro 15 MKII - " Excellent"


    Very good product, quality of speakers, with a wooden box which, for me, reinforces the bass quite well. I think with a good amp, it's enough to cover a room of 300 people. Personally I already had up to 120 people and was far from being the max, …