mem69 02/10/2012

Electro-Harmonix 2880 : mem69's user review

" Nothing is eternal ..."

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2-track stereo or 4 mono tracks OF THE SAME LOOP (no polyrhythm)




to be careful at the input to avoid overloads when stacked layers

made you an idea of ​​his here:
(Zap the acoustic tracks)


that's it my 2880 is "dead" after the end of the warranty of course ...
hey, that'll teach me to use my toes instead of my fingers too.

a fader broke a few weeks ago
and now, the volume of tracks kidding. it spits like an old analog console that would require repair ...

shame because its possibilities noon made really great when connected to a pedal

2 years of life is not much.
I mastered recently and was just starting to make it profitable, I have balls. will have to invest in two times as much if I want to ensure my commitments. and learn to use the new machine.

edit the mm day:
Once past the anger (and the machine "heated", the problem of volume disappeared ... I think I'll follow sound advice and try to tinker myself ...

otherwise, if someone knows another machine capable of taking (individually or together AND separately) 2 tracks (vocals and guitar) AND chaining of different parts (verses / choruses for example), I'm interested.
To my knowledge, only 2880 (MIDI) is capable ...