ALBA forme les paul gibson
ALBA forme les paul gibson

forme les paul gibson, LP-Shaped Guitar from ALBA.

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diego81 01/05/2009

ALBA forme les paul gibson : diego81's user review


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Made in China, I bought on ebay fvrier 2008 for 85 euros a German seller, add a dozen euros for delivery (about 7 10 days) and you have hands a real guitar les paul shape for a report qualitprix unbeatable. Although sr is far from being a gibson but that price is not the asking for the moon.

The finish is of good quality and the worst is that this award-l: it sounds! The handle is not as pleasant an ibanez but it did when the same. For a year, it's simple I bump my tabs only on this guitar.


The original pickups are done everything correct. The solution I adopted is to buy two good humbuckers directly to the U.S. and sixty euros supplmentaires, I have a Les Paul copy with his gibson. J'exagre penalty, but why pay 1500 euros a guitar so that I dbours 160 euros! By adding two or three stickers cool though, you have something to make you happy.


I play now and has always been on Marshall MK2 100 watt, 1959 models. With the new pickups, it's a damn! It is even quite impressive considering the price, the Chinese are really incredible when you see the price of some gibson, we say it's too fMeasure from a guitar like the Les Paul copy which is very correct. Is it really necessary to pay 10 times the price for FENDER or GIBSON written on the head of your guitar?

About my pedalboard, there is no blast or other parasite ... everything is going!


I use it for a year now, very often at home and sometimes in RPET. I will mostly use it in concert deuxime guitar case strings that I o ptent or alternating along the tracks using rglages diffrents my usual guitar, versatile ( Ibanez SZ320 a bk). If c'tait again, I would do this for a choice or deuxime troisime guitar ... because the price defies all competition.