Brian Moore iGuitar 2.13
Brian Moore iGuitar 2.13

iGuitar 2.13, LP-Shaped Guitar from Brian Moore.

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Joris BERAUD 04/28/2006

Brian Moore iGuitar 2.13 : Joris BERAUD's user review


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Les Paul guitar shape. A priori this is Brian Moore made in Korea but is more than your exact gnial at the violin making and finishing, I would say perfect. 22 frets, 2 Seymour Duncan micro splittable knob of the tonal and a piezo under the bridge. Fixed bridge, 3 position selector, three pots, one volume for Seymour, one of tonal rises to the microphones and a spliter knob volume for the piezo.
The handle is between a gibson and ibanez and the frets are amazing.
CHARACTERISTICS The mistakes are not to my taste.


The handle is a marvel! it is slightly rounded and the gibson is thin enough to fly like a ibanez very quickly: Thrills guaranteed ...
The freight surprise at first but you get used very SPEED and fingers are very SPEED. No problems for acute.
This guitar is very slight, the table is slightly domed and is a real pleasure.
One feels that the violin is to go! the sound is warm and alive! While a little less than a gibson but far more than ibanez.
Its use is really great.


Oulala! While the sound: it is a killing. No surprise at the same time is behind all of Seymour ca.
I play a Mesa Boogie VTWIN home with a few pedals like compressor, wah, chorus, and the sound ... there is no word to say so that's good. I do not see any defect in sound! You want to play in the clear no problem: neck pickup and hop a warm round a wish at the Gibson. Want a small crystal clear sound of a Fender: no problem: bridge pickup and you split and voila it's terrible. For the saturated even better: the sound of Led Zeppelin to rock well hardrock has the guns through Hendrix, Deep Purple, Ray vaugan, pink floyd ... Ca for the metal is a little limited at times although ca still send a maximun! Finally, all depends on what you play both.
Finally I say rock because that's what I play but it's in an impressive palette of sound.
One more time: The sound is perfect and without erasures.


So I for 1 month and I must say that I never leave the ...
For the record, I tried a lot of guitar before. I love the gibson for the fixed bridge and round and warm sound that comes from the violin to get the rock sound but the neck is a pickaxe handle and as they are too heavy guitars. I also love the ibanez models for its purification and sleeves and end fast, but I do not want to play with a floyd and the sound is a little too lightweight for my taste. Finally I love the sound of the Seymour and I do not want to play metal. One day I asked all that to a guy in a shop and he introduced me to this guitar! Since I left her and I thank the seller every day because he did a good job and I do it again this choice in a heartbeat.
This brand is not well known but is wrong because frankly it's an impressive array of stringed instruments and is more pleasant. It is well worth the girlfriends of well known brands in the same price range and I personally am delighted to have a guitar that no one knows who sent as many see a gibson or ibanez or other mark known.
If you see a store one day try for curiosities ... trust me you will not be disappointed.