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Pucelle_Dabidjan 07/27/2006

Dean Guitars Evo Special : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Manufacturer: USA
Manufacturing: Corenne
Guitar Type: Les Paul
Table: Maple Flammbr /> Binding: Crme
Body: Mahogany
Channel: Coll mahogany, 22 frets, tune 24.75 "
Mcaniques: Grover oil bath
Pickups: Dean Humbuckers
CONTRL: one volume, one Tone slecteur a 3-position switch 2 microphones on the knobs
Sale price supplier (Switzerland): CHF 795.00
Purchase price nine MODEL expo (Switzerland): CHF 390.00

It does not possde 2 knobs for volume / Tone. Woods are not vintage and prestigious (attention, however, they are of good quality trs. Therefore [7]


What surprises with the Dean. It is the rapidity with which you feel comfortable contact. The handle is an example of the kind, do not fret Exceeds, it is smooth and allows all styles of games. I would call the handle off, but it is well suited for small hands (perfectly into the current trend). What is surprising is that it is bone-thin, the end of the beginning. It is unusual ... but that does not impede the handling, we find its position aisment. Harmonics abound with great ease and easy hooping. CHAC is typical for acute Les Paul, it ncessitera an adaptation lgre couraging but leaves without much problem when you have the hang of it (the heel is compact and well finished Moreover, arranging trs).

Trs nice: the neck and bridge pickups allow themselves splitter thanks a push-pull knobs on the volume and tonal adding a great deal of versatility.

The finish is superb and the quality of CREM binding sets the table in Saddle Flamm vritable a rare quality in this segment, valeur.L instrument PSE weight and do conscquent possde no bevels. I recommend a wide strap for the MODEL (as heavy as a regular LP). The quilibrage is correct and can sit a game enjoyable.

Last dtail: mcaniques and the nut who perform their function perfectly. An outstanding tuning stability and a change in rgularit tuning is really a references.

MRIT a guitar [8] This category of the unusual supriorit its attributes in this area (and compared with its price) ... simple and effective (I removed him dj points for knobs above).


This guitar immediately pushes "Blues a blow." The cleans are beautifully furnished and rich in harmonics, is a highlight of this instrument that the dmarque of its competitors.

In crunch, sometimes it sounds a little worse Dfine on the 6th string if you push the volume of the instrument. The definition, but overall they remain good and warmth is amazing. I do not DNote dsequilibre level tones. Trs sensual play! Once split, they are clearer, see aggressive and lose a little heat. The output level is correct but is not a REFERENCE of its kind and may not compltement delight the clan of neo-mtalleux, the trasheurs or dark-mtalleux. I recommend these catgories to change the pickups for their nirvana is attainable, a beautiful resource in violin making.

In gnral, violin making saves while giving the body heat, clarity and excellent DEFINITIONS mdiums in the overall sound.

[6] for lightweight fuzzy sound sixth (above), the output level up but not "REFERENCE" and the sound palette of microphones that may be even wider (even if d honnte j), especially if this guitar possde Whereas the splits ... "Could do better". The definition audio suprieure largely saves the note in this discipline.


I dgot this guitar for a friend who wanted to pay a good instrument APRS Premire his guitar without breaking the bank. Pari Russian!

Dpenser without the moon, it was a good instrument, that does not seek to imitate the btement Gibson but play the card of individualism (PRS Singlecut style). Of grunge, pop, goth, jazz, ska, funk, hard rock, blues, pop the mo. The scratches should those who do not plthorres gains but primarily looking Varis and deep sounds. It will also be a first mate herb IDAL to shredders who want to enjoy a round really unorthodox but effective.

The good quality of the violin leaves prsager a change of pickups would ignite his behavior and increase the sound spectrum, however, still a dj flattering.

My verdict: An excellent foundation for all styles and all levels

The price / performance ratio that I pay is unbeatable, otherwise the list price is considerably less convincing but still honnte.

PS Note 5 is the average home.