Edwards E-LP-92SD/P
Edwards E-LP-92SD/P
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tjon901 08/10/2011

Edwards E-LP-92SD/P : tjon901's user review

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Edwards is a brand of ESP guitars. They are a Japan only brand and they make guitars based off of popular models. The models are put together outside of Japan then finished inside Japan so you get good fit and finish at a lower price than full ESP guitars. Since they are Japan only they can make direct copies of stuff without getting in to trouble. People have been importing these guitars because the quality is so good yet the prices are great. This is a Les Paul Gold Top P90 copy. It has dual Seymour Duncan P90 pickups in it which are great. It has a mahogany body with maple top and a set make neck. The fretboard is rosewood which is traditional. and it has medium frets. Up top it has Gotoh tuners and at the bottom it has the standard tune-o-matic bridge. The finish is the classic Gold color old Les Pauls came in. The controls are standard with a volume and tone for each pickup and a 3 way switch.


This guitar mixes a classic feel with more of a newer feel. The rosewood fretboard gives a more vintage Les Paul feel compared to a Ebony fretboard. The neck profile is not as fat as a 50s Gibson would be. It is between the profiles of a 50s neck and a 60s neck so you get a good compromise and everyone likes it. The binding on the neck feels nice and helps prevent sharp fret edges popping out. The body is not chambered like on most new Gibsons so you get a real substantial feel to the guitar and real mahogany tone.


P90s are some of my favorite vintage pickups. They have that bitey crisp single coil sound with the thickness of a humbucker. Its like having potato chips on a sandwhich or something. These two sounds blend together well and they are not bad for modern rock tones. A normal single coil with a lot of gain sounds pretty harsh and trebly, but with P90s you get enough smoothness to smooth out the high end so you get a high end crunch with a good bottom end that balances out the sound well. These pickups have a better overdriven sound than vintage PAF's do. Vintage humbuckers were just too smooth with their given output. You need some roughness to get a good overdriven sound with low output pickups and this is what the P90s Give.


This is a great reproduction of an old 50s Les Paul with P90s. A Gold Top Les Paul with P90s just reminds you of the old black and white videos of Les Paul and Mary Ford on tv singing away. This guitars really sings as well. Seymour Duncan P90s are some of the best P90s out there and they can really rock out if you are so inclined. They still have all the cool half single coil half humbucker sounds P90 users love so you can do your vintage covers with this. If you turn up the overdrive you can really rock and and there is nothing cooler than melting faces with a guitar that looks like it is from the 50s.