Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul
Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul

Ace Frehley Les Paul, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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outmax 01/25/2007

Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul : outmax's user review


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Guitar made in Korea

Flamed maple top
Les Paul "Custom" style = clear binding
Ace Frehley Custom headstock decal
Rosewood Fingerboard inlays with lightning bolt
Heritage Cherry Sunburst or Translucent Black Finish
Grover tuners with pearloid keys
Plastic truss rod cover
Plastic switch plate
Plastic back plate
Three Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups Double Cream

It is noted that this guitar is up with superb MCAS grover.
In addition, the hardware is really good quality from an Epi LP standard.

Gnral the look is superb, a cot a few 80's of the color red gradient.
The picture is not day (is that the old models) the new versions a binding Submitted gnral more Russian and pop "Ace Frehley" the 12th box.

The quality of violin and finish are good trs trs, the table is beautiful flame, it's really a high end guitar.


The handle (in Saddle) wish well in hand. It is quite round (more than standard) and are easy to acute Accs. Obviously the game is a little hard to beginners because of the brand new frets.
The table is beautiful, more lightweight than a standard bomb. Attention on the other hand, no need to be careful so pickgard the blows of mediator on the table.
The pods of this skyscraper is much more lightweight tonament That a standard (and again I compare with the "old" versions) we notice a tendency by lgre against a "sting of the head" when it was the guitar and that the bandouillre lche.

There are pies like the Les Paul the four pots for volume and tone.


So it's the norm. The team is guitate DiMarzio Super Distortion of 3 (micro mounts on the "real" Gibson signarture-stops in 97 by the way -). The resulting sound is really powerful trs: excellent to good Rock / Hard Rock, the three positions permetent a fairly large range.
I use it on one processor and there's no modlisation can bp of sounds that "slime" or too "criart" I also try it on an amp Marshall TSL: while the freeholds my throws a lot, be careful not to push the volume too high. It really is the ultimate rock tone.
I play with my band a wide range of Rock and it's really perfect for the use I have.

This guitar has come even a high output, I inquitais a bit (I did not want to be with a big guitar mtal) but finalemnt to rock it trs well. So those looking for clear direction sounds, see. I do not find that the personal skyscraper in clean sounds ugly (it sounds pretty even with the bluesy middle pickups) but varied that it is not a sound trs "slamming" it remains a scraper directs saturation (as the name suggests microphones).
[EDIT] Since I jou scratches with this for a year on a peavey classic30, the really nice clear sound silent (but trs type), an amplifier c'estsur lamps that scrapes s 'best expresses. The amp as fairly Blues / Rock, the Ace can play the blues without any problem, the microphone just as serious particulirement hot.
Dsormais I bought a marshall head birthday (the LM6100), so three channels: from light to heavy lead through all kinds of crunch. The LP gre sacrment in all styles, the type must remain the crunch and JCM was really a Kiss.


I have this guitar for a month and I can tell you that for me aa t rvolution LP standard from me. As in design, and violin is the day and night.
As you can see I strongly conseol this guitar if you have a budget in the 800. In this same range, there is also the Epi Sheraton, which also displays a beautiful violin but the cons by the microphones are microphones Epiphone.
Be careful though if you try it in store: the strings are null and guitar shit is not right RULES home (bridge + pickups). I personally got it for 650, which seems be ok.

Ifyou want pictures prcises (new models): www.hvguitar.com/ shownews.asp? News_id = 155.
A trial by a scraper store: http://www.total-guitar.fr/EssaiDetail.asp?Id=604

[EDIT] APRS two years I still have no complaints (except that prices have risen), the Ace is not giving it sr but few scratches are so teams and so finished in 1000.