Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard
Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard

Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

phil2208 12/19/2011

Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard : phil2208's user review

«  a real les paul »

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rdition of the MODEL 58
mahogany body mahogany table top Saddle plain iced tea

burstbuckers microphones 1 and 2

the finish is nothing drool copy not finish running you not trace the binding is just as solid wood furniture with a noble and a vintage lacquer

Mine is a VOS and it works you the feel of a vintage even if it is "manufactured


the handle is ergonomic Balze a les paul not easy for treble

we easily get a good sound ?????? you kidding ?????

This wood handle puts you under the fingers of wood rsons you completed a hand and vibrates throughout the body thanks body-neck junction with a longer post that standards

I just changed the bridge and put a TonePros locking rsons has more, better transfer of vibration in the body

I also changed llectronique to put an RS kit Guitarworks vintage is more gradual and you can feel the diffrence when you turn the knobs especially with a 50's cblage

on the other hand I do not touch the microphones that are perfect in fact they also quipent R9


....... you sound in your indescribable sound vintage les paul

I had a studio before and it's another world!

you can not go wrong is the sound les paul is the best deal I've done 1800 euros hand and it is 2007

2007 banner year for the wood tops etc etc
R9 is the gniales but too Chres do not be fooled by the flamed top
go for an R8 are the same as the R9


design simple varnished wooden standard "live" smell vintage

vibrations throughout the body (the guitar and mine too! lol)

we can not say much more

trying to adopt the