Gibson Les Paul Challenger
Gibson Les Paul Challenger

Les Paul Challenger, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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vintage_collectors 05/27/2006

Gibson Les Paul Challenger : vintage_collectors's user review


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The Challenger 2 was manufactured in the USA in the mid-1980s, this guitar as a LES PAUL. His neck 22 frets. The pickups seem to be Bill Lawrence, the same as those quipent the famous Gibson L6, but I saw no inscription that confirms this.
The bridge is one that switches MODEL spcial, forward or rear, at the same time that it activates the vibrato. Because it has a vibrato GIBSON GIBSON .... but I think he does this guitar specially manufactured to Schaller not because it is marked "Made in Germany". The two humbuckers, neck and bridge can be utilisssparment or together. The handle is that of a Les Paul, but it is not al but screwed. All this is very well Designed and do not suffer from any imperfection.


The handle and exceptional microphones take you to the same staircase to heaven when you seed the chords of the song is pure and clear. The width of the button allows you to properly place the fingers to strike the agreements clearly trs.
As the guitar is more than lgre LES PAUL STANDARD, one can play while standing for hours without tiring. All kind of music can be played except surfing with the aliens.


We can play AL DI MEOLA, if you have speed, Santana (a going slower) of the blues Clapton, Dire Straits agreements Arians, jazz standards, the Maiden, the Led Zep. Everything sounds. The vibrato n'tant not technically Designed for large maps, however, it allows to place a small solo of Pink Floyd. The sound is classic and eclectic. In any position the guitar sounds.


I bought this guitar for over 20 years in the U.S.. This is by far my guitar from this era prfre. Since it is not luxurious trs, I take it everywhere with me. I will not do with a guitar Saddle ond table. Moreover, as it should almost all styles of music you are never gn for some piece INTERPRETATION whatsoever. I have other GIBSON (335 - Les Paul Model - Victory) and Fender (Start - Lead - Mustang) but it is the most happening everywhere. In Europe it cte today around 1000 euro is far below what it is worth compared to other models collectible, I think a few times it will cte still climbing as the real Gibson made in the USA are increasingly rare and the only fawn be sure not to buy an infringement is to buy a Chinese collector.