Gibson [Guitar of the Week #20] Les Paul Studio
Gibson [Guitar of the Week #20] Les Paul Studio

[Guitar of the Week #20] Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Week series.

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iamqman 08/03/2011

Gibson [Guitar of the Week #20] Les Paul Studio : iamqman's user review

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If you want to get into the Gibson Les Paul world then this is the most basic intro price you can do it with. This is the most basic intro price that you can afford to buy a Gibson Les Paul. This guitar is like the fade cherry and brown guitars but just in a satin black paint job. This is not going to be like a normal paint job but almost like an ebony stained guitar. You can see the the wood grain through the black paint stain which is very cool on its own. This is the starter set to your Les Paul dream come true.


Gibson Les Paul Studio Satin Ebony Features:

Carved maple top
Mahogany body with chambered weight-relief
Mahogany neck, '50s Rounded Les Paul
Rosewood fingerboard (Ebony on Alpine white)
22 frets
Corian nut
Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar
Chrome or gold hardware
490R and 498T Alnico 2 magnet humbucker pickups (BurstBucker Pro on faded finish models)
2 volume and 2 tone knobs with black speed knobs, 3-way switch
Vintage-style 14:1 tuners with perloid buttons


This guitar is a nicely priced guitar. The Gibson Les Paul's can go upwards of $7000+ for some of their custom pieces. And pretty much all sound basically the same. If you heard a recoding of a $7000 Gibson Les Paul and $799 Les Paul then you would have a hard time finding out which one is which. What is comes down to is how much wood and acre went into the exotic guitar compared to this one. Many of the more expensive ones have brilliant quilted tops or they are vintage standard replicas from the 50's This guitar I would argue will sound very similar to one of those guitars. I would however switch out the pickups as I have never liked the Gibson pickups. They just don't have the sizzle that I like a pickup to sound. Other than that this is a great guitar for the price.


These guitars come in new at around $799. That is the most basic intro price you could get out of a Gibson Les Paul. These are good sounding guitars and for the money this is good deal. I would try to buy one used that wasn't chambered if I had the option.