Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

Les Paul Studio Gothic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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MGR/Gibson4LIFE 05/01/2004

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic : MGR/Gibson4LIFE's user review

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This guitar is great. I bought this guitar for $1100 at Mr. C's Music Store.

It was a sweet looking guitar. I put a brand new Gibson pick guard with a white trim because i thought it would looknicer. And the bigest thing for me was a put the chrome pick up platesover the humbuckers to give it a little classic look to it. I turned out really really nice. Also what I really like about it is it has extremely good sound clean and distorted.This guitar rules.

There isnt anything i dont like about it. The only thing I would add is the les paul sig. at the head. other than that great guitar. wouldent change anything, but get chrome hardware looks really sweet.

great work with the entire guitar. I like the color of the black.I also have a Ibanez K-7, and Metallicas kirt kammits signiture,along with ESP F-450(Kicks Ass)

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