Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Echo tango 03/24/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : Echo tango's user review

«  it's not worth its price .... »

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Value For Money : Poor
Made in USA entry model from Gibson: it shows, it feels.
Pickaxe handle, set up to overcome the deplorable factory for the coating, a painter if you torch your doors and frames in the same way you would do him a trial. Anyway, Gibson is the logo, combined with legendary guitar etc ... then you pay, it closes its mouth and sing the praises of a shovel that is not worth its price.


I do not have this guitar, It belongs to a music workshop for 5 years and therefore passes through various hands. Since nobody seems to want to stick to it I did the interview yesterday (disinfection of the (covered with a jinx that has agglomerated over the years) and slagging of the body (sweat, dust, traces of fingers) smanche, The profile of the handle is a matter of taste. Personally I would do myself but am not a fan. After 5 years the varnish (applied to the brush line presumably) already cracks in the head and a weird moire s is formé.Je am told that some varnishes Gibson react more than others sweat. I think that is ecas here. After some playing time, the itch "glue." Not very agréable.Encore once, other brands are doing better on this plan.Pour keeping the agreement Mecas (honest without more) are only one parameter of the problem. A well-cut nut (not "greenhouse" no strings in gorges) will improve the stability of the agreement, as a suitable mounting string (max 2 turns around the axis mechanics and a good stretching). On a guitar this price, decency and respect for the client wants offered him the adjustment nut when you buy according tirantr strings he chooses). Anyway I'm dreaming here ...


After cleaning, installation of new strings, I plugged into a Marshall AVT150 ​​available to members of the musical workshop.
His clear: Yeah, no one buys this kind of guitar to play the bagpipes UAIS to send heavy spot right? In this regard it is served! Great sustain too.


I have other guitars that I find both a more modest budget (Ibanez SZ, Ltd. EX401) and I owned a Cort M520 which was bluffing a lot of people side tones and playability If I buy one day Lespaul this one will be in Gibson and especially not entry level. But I will look elsewhere first (Ltd, Custom 77, Hagström ...). Forget DECALCO to 2 balls and do tend to trust your hands and ears.