Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Palbinet 05/07/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : Palbinet's user review

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U.S. manufacturing, electronic hardware and classic product.
Nothing special to report archi-known model.


Some will find the handle a little big for me no problems.
The same applies to weight, if one uses a fairly wide strap is very bearable.
Sound, it's no surprise du0 LP and after testing I have found no difference with a standard. Clearly the binding only increase the price.


I used to play the blues she knows very well, but for some titles I replace it with a Strato sounding less fat.
I'd say the neck is very good microphones, mixing handle / stand is good too but the bridge pickup alone does not please me I find it a bit garish.

I plug in a 6L6 tube amp 40w 1 X 12 "Celestion and a reverb pedal and a Boss character Sansamp California. In this configuration I get a crunch sound not too runny.


I just take it after 2 ½ months of waiting. Nothing to say about the store that gave him his job, but instead is Gibson's trade policy to be reviewed in depth. Being unable to give a delivery date for a manufacturer of this size is not acceptable. Better! Do not give retailers information on orders is equivalent to making fun of customers.

Then the product quality. Again there to review, a mechanism is installed wrong, the wrong key is sanded on the sides, in short, it's slapdash, the quick by fucking again the customer.
A Chinese manufacturer malformed do stupid things like that we can understand, but for a box of 150 years old gibson as it is beyond comprehension.
In conclusion it will be the last gibson for me.