Gibson Les Paul Signature T Gold Series
Gibson Les Paul Signature T Gold Series
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vtm 05/21/2013

Gibson Les Paul Signature T Gold Series : vtm's user review

«  An excellent alternative Standard »

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Guitar made in the USA,
Allg body (traditionnal weight relief, or swiss cheese: )dropoff Window
AA maple table,
Channel 60 Slim Profile tapper, Granadillo fingerboard,
Mcaniques Grover locking,
Micros 57 Classic and 57 Classic + and split (push / pull).
Truss rod cover silkscreened "T" (and it's pretty ugly, actually)


The neck profile is identical to the LP Standard 2013, namely a 60 Slimtapper. This is one of the finest sets (but not the end) that offers its gibson Les Paul. Ergonomics is one of the best for LP, while keeping the difficult access to acute if caractrisque guitar. Peculiarity of the "T", the handle is wood Granadillo. In practice I do not see any significant difference with rosewood (purists will note simply the clearest aspect of granadillo compared to rosewood).

The weight of the guitar is ok, not too lightweight, but not too heavy either. This guitar is heavier than the Chambered Les Paul (as the current studio range), but less than the Les Paul solid body. The guitar is perfectly balanced in all cases and does not sting the nose when playing with a strap.

We accde configuration in single mode and dual microphones by the volume of potientiometres system in push-pull. Relev volume potiemetre splits the micro concerned; baiss microphone acts as a classic humbucker. This operation for me, even if as heavy user volume knobs, I would prfr it is rglage dport at the potentiometers of tonality.

The sound is excellent. In his clear, it's pretty warm and round (that is the couple of micro classic 57) humbucker configuration, very "slamming" and almost fenderien when using microphones Microphone mode in split simple. Please note a rather noticeable level difference when switching microphones of single humbucker configuration, grate the volume potentiometer. In its saturated include roundness microphones 57, even if the attack is fairly dfinie, especially in dual mode. Mode splitt simple microphones allow to attack other styles, even if they are less saturated than convincing in the clear.


I play the big rock and Mtal with this guitar, branch depending on the case in a Marshall stack or ENGL stack. For these styles, it is perfect (and offers the same possibilities supplmentaires with the ability to split the pickups).

Gibson 57 classic microphones, despite their marketing positioning vintage is rlvent tonnament prcis even with extreme saturation. In his clear, and on an amp like JTM45, it really is in the territory of the blues. In the end, diffrentes options of this guitar allows him both to be versatile, but also to have the REAL character of a Les Paul. A Russianness that the cot.


I use this model for 1 month, as a dj accustomed Les Paul (57 Goldtop, Custom, BFG, some Studio).
Here we have concentrated a Les Paul on which one feels that Gibson wanted runir innovations (mcaniques locking, split-microphones, traditional weight relief, ...) and traditions (microphones classic 57 Profile 60 slim tapper, ....).
Russia ultimately a guitar, largely at the Standard, just a little less modern than in recent.
The only default that I find it is simply aesthetic: the truss rod cover really beautiful, Sigl a standard "T" font "Times New Roman". To be replaced very quickly by a truss rod cover gibson blank !!