Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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high_ligh 06/09/2008

Gibson Les Paul Standard : high_ligh's user review


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My model is 1993 Cherry Sunburst color, manufactured Nashville
490R and 498T pickups
Easel Shaller (chang there one year old was oxidized)
It's not made in China anyway.


The neck is super enjoyable, a real trip to solos and slides.
Damage to the center of gravity but hey, act of all it offers great ... therefore thought forget this climbs.
A Gibson Les Paul when it decides to buy one, we immediately know it's not lightweight, you have a good, wide strap. The FA Cup allows easy access to acute


It sends an incredible potato while on an all-tube amp ENGL, orange, or even a marshall vox, but happiness !!! It is very versatile but to a certain style Strat is good. I go from blues to rock, Mark Knopfler to Pink Floyd, she likes everything.
The biggest carnage is to play on an amp DRIVE 15W 50 euros (old amp from a friend) to clean not too much gain, the receiver spits. (Long Drive)


I will not talk too much guitar but rather love, I fairait entrrer with. I have 20 years and 70 years j'spre always have my sides. I also have a custom Gibson Lp (That I will sell), but it's always a real pleasure to play with but hey, I have not had real feelings for her, there were not nothin my guitar life.
With experience, yes, I say ouiii
Bientt Gibson acoustic? hum