Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio LE
Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio LE

Robot Les Paul Studio LE, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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MGR/richard maropo 08/04/2009

Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio LE : MGR/richard maropo's user review

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i just purchased a gibson limited les paul robot studio 4 days ago in ebony. i played guitar when i was young, after 18year hiatus i started again 11months ago. i play rock,classic,alternative ect. i would catagorize myself as an intermediate hobbiest

ive been dreaming of a real gibson les paul for some time,but the prices kept it a dream. then on aug.1st i went to hugo helmer music in mt.vernon get some strings for my customized epiphone les paul.they had a 1 day gibson sale,all they're robot guitars were 1000 dollars cash only,i asked twice to make sure it wasnt a mistake.then i ran home to get my $ at that price i couldnt pass it up now im living the dream

what i love about this guitar is the quality. the woods,finish,fretboard,hardware all 1st it tunes it self,and you have several alternate tuning choices.and if you want you can add your own custom settings, i still havent learned how to use and understand all the featues yet. plus it has the les paul sound. i have an epiphone studio les paul customized with s.d.hotrodded humbuckers,ect and it sound 90-95% as good. but that 5or10% plus the quality materiels makes all the difference this guitar will be passed on to my grandchildren

im 48 so im not as techno savy as some,but thats not the guitars fault. normally i would say the biggest con is the price.but the deal i got greatly eased my pain. i wish the neck were a little faster but ive been told by others it will breakin and get smoother in time, and like every one else i always wish i every guitar was more versitile, sound wise but i know no one guitar can do everything,thats why they make different models and brands. thats also why one guitar is never enough.the only real concern i have is will the robot electronics stand up over time, but only time will tell

so far everything on this guitar seems 1st rate,the hardware,finnish,electonic,ect.

the bottom line is i love this guitar,its like a piece of art. and the deal i got incredible! allthough you may never match the deal i got if you like the way it plays,and the sound.and you have the financial means go for it! you wont be disapointed.if this guitar were stolen i would buy another in a heartbeat, assuming of course i could afford it

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