Greg Bennett AV 7

AV 7, LP-Shaped Guitar from Greg Bennett in the Avion series.

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Magist3r3 12/31/2010

Greg Bennett AV 7 : Magist3r3's user review

«  The AV7 is a pearl »

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Mahogany body, a cutaway, curved table, mahogany neck and head, glued, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, mechanical clutch, gold, GROVER ™, gold tailpiece, fixed bridge gold, adjustable, inlay, crown INLAYS, 2 humbuckers, Duncan Design ™, 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3 positions. Finish available: BK Black, Pearl WBlanc, Win Red, Translucent BK Black, Metallic Gold Channel


very nice, I really enjoy playing it, it feels comfortable.
Nothing to say on the form, however I find it a bit heavy.
Good access to highs and was easily the sound that delivers the goods or a soft clean as well.


The AV7 is a very versatile guitar, I play jazz, blues, rock or metal, and I'm really happy with the resulting sound.
I have for now a little VOX DA5 which leaves me not really to take full advantage of the guitar, but I've played on more serious amps like the big Marshall tube (don't have the precise model in mind) or Vox VT50 and I really appreciated the capabilities of this guitar, be it on the clean, the crunch of heavy saturation, bridge or neck pickup position ...

My favorite sounds are fairly clean with mild highs that look good and a little delay, just hovering, and a popping sound a la Slash for powerful solos:) 


I use it since June 2009 (now over a year and a half so) and this is my first electric guitar. I do not regret having purchased it (I hesitated between this and the Gibson Les Paul Studio, but it was significantly more expensive, so I opted for Greg Bennett, and now I'm really happy) .

What I like least is that the weight of the guitar, I find it really heavy but hey, every day it bothers me less than before because I do not often have to carry it by hand.

The price / quality ratio is very good for me because for that price I found nothing else that compares to the Greg Bennett AV7. For someone who started the electric guitar with an average budget (between 300 and 600 €) it is a good investment, because having a guitar that sounds when it starts can be motivating: D
(This may explain the slightly high price for the Greg Bennett - it is probably the fact that the brand is not very (if at all) known to the general public, unlike Gibson or Fender, for example, where part of the price pays for the brand).

If I had to redo the choice, I will buy this guitar again without hesitation:) 

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