Lâg Imperator Stage I200
Lâg Imperator Stage I200

Imperator Stage I200, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Imperator series.

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arnaudchabot 11/11/2012

Lâg Imperator Stage I200 : arnaudchabot's user review

«  Good and bad »

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Made in China
Electric Guitar LAG series IMPERATOR Head: Design Imperator - rosewood with maple logo Tuners: High precision head Nut: Graphite rod adjustment: Double meaning Neck: Mahogany - stuck - with guide reinforcement body-neck rosewood - exclusive system Lâg Button : Rosewood Frets: 22 - Nickel-Silver - Jumbo Position: Pearl Body: Mahogany (Book-matched) with nets mahogany / black / maple Pickups: 2 EMG HZ double-winding (SA-1 neck - TB-1 bridge) Bridge: + Electronique Tunomatic Stop Tailpiece: 2 Volumes independent with Push-Pull (Split) + 1 master tone - 3 positions selector pickups Hardware: Black Satin Finish: Gloss Strings: D'Addario


This is my first electric guitar. I played a takamine santa fe. Therefore the handle seems very nice, fast. It is a "chouille" heavy, but it seems that it is super light compared to a Gibson Les Paul.
I played on a pedal line 6 X3 live. Microphones are used in double or single bring great diversity. Seeking we manage to find its sound (it's twice his "" I know ..)
The big negative for me is keeping the agreement. Well I've only been a week, but for now I give the galley. Hard drive clean sounds when the agreement is imperfect.


EMG seem to do a good job.
I have good clear sound, and full, it sends the ball. I like the sounds sharp, not too runny.


I prefer this guitar is its look (color, shape). I find it very classy. I love having my hands. I like the idea that it is a French brand, but hey it is made in china .. bouuu!
I do not like the mechanics, I feel that it's plastock, it does not agree, and in addition the seller told me they could break easily .. the loose. Question violin finish, it looks very good against by our Chinese friends a bit sloppy work by pulling the knobs push / pull, the "washer" I still sometimes hands, I have a bad contact on the output jack .. pfff.
Well, if you're not, like me, in love with this guitar, forget it. Personally, I planned to change the mechanical opening the hood to improve some welds son, pick up the knobs .. a custom brief personal and it will be "almost" perfect.