Lâg Roxane Flamed RF200
Lâg Roxane Flamed RF200

Roxane Flamed RF200, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Roxane 200 series.

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Rafx49 07/27/2006

Lâg Roxane Flamed RF200 : Rafx49's user review


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-> Made in China and tested in France

-> Channel 22 frets, profile C, Indian rosewood fingerboard, two humbuckers Configuration EMG-HZ

-> Fixed bridge tune-o-matic

-> 2 tone and 2 volume with push-pull to split the humbuckers to

=> Guitar really well finished with a beautiful table and a beautiful painting, I put a 9 because I'm pretty complicated and has not been manufactured in France


-> The handle, very fine, very nice. You feel immediately at ease

-> The double cut guitar set neck and guarantee access to more than remarkable treble

-> The ergonomics of the guitar is quite good, it is well balanced and does not lean to one side or the other, however, this guitar is very small for my taste and I'm not totally comfortable play standing up compared to my RG that I'm used to so try to taste

-> The configuration of the two EMG offers distorted sounds rough and very deep sound comes out very well.

=> A very good guitar easy to learn, but my taste is slightly smaller.
I put 9 here


-> Playing with all this guitar is perfect (except for the unbridled shred REQUIRING floyd rose)

-> I have a peavey bandit 112 but I did not, however, difficult to find the sound I want and whatever the musical style

-> With this guitar, we can get almost any sound you want:
* The neck pickup is well balanced with a slight bump in the mid-bass that gives roundness to the sound
* The bridge pickup is also well balanced sharp enough if we attack, however well it can play good arpeggios.

* For crystal-clear sound splits will allow you to get sounds pretty fenderiens and air, double coil you will get a little more rounded and velvety, beautiful ...
* For crunch sounds I am fond of this guitar, plug in your fuzz and highlights the Matthew Bellamy in you ... Make up a little and take you to Brian Molko and his cronies to placebo, EMG HZ are really great job in this register
* For distorted sounds much screaming or otherwise much fat, EMG is also excellent for touching a little bit of everything and pick harmonics easily

=> On this point the sound palette is full so I put October 1


-> Used for one week and a half

-> I like the wide range of sounds it produces can really adapt in all circumstances, it is a guitar goes everywhere you do not stand by again, however in my case I find the body a little small but it is a matter of taste and size. The finish is superb and really flatters the eye

-> I tried a lot of models in this price range and I was seduced by the sounds and the grace of it, and more (crow) she is French! (At least in the design ^ ^)

-> The price / quality ratio is really excellent

-> As for the choice to remake it without hesitation, probably one of the best guitars in this price range